Understanding Insurance Accumulator Adjuster Programs

MHA is partnering with GHA and invite community advocates from Kansas AND Missouri to join us as NHF Director of Payer Relations, Kollet Koulianos, explains this emerging insurance trend that has been negatively impacting patients. Under an Accumulator Adjuster Program (AAP), a pharmacy benefit manager accepts co-pay assistance for out-of-pocket costs associated with a prescribed drug but then doesn’t credit that amount toward the patient’s overall deductible.

Kollet will break down exactly how AAPs work, why they are so harmful to patients with bleeding disorders, and how NHF has been advocating on your behalf.

Stick around for a state update from Gateway Hemophilia Association and Midwest Hemophilia Association’s Executive Directors, and learn how you can support our advocacy efforts.

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Date(s) - February 8 2021 at 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM